A fashion staple for the chic and glamorous, scarves have always held a strong appeal to Julia McLearon. The British designer, who’s inspired by “by nature, flowers, birds, art, graffiti and street art”, creates silk scarves that are printed and manufactured in the UK for her eponymous label.

Julia’s scarves radiate a sense of fun and adventure all the while treasuring the delicate luxury of silk. They are the stylish answer for those who have a sense of adventure, and are not afraid of mixing tradition with modernity and freshness.

Finding beauty in the ordinariness of everyday, Julia explores the idea of a print being the antithesis of silk. While keeping her luxury scarf designs simple yet a little bit anarchic and provocative, Julia has created a fashion accessory that adds an instant touch of glamour, sophistication and personal style to any outfit.

Julia McLearon scarves are wardrobe additions that last, are timelessly stylish and not just fashionable. Their fluid lightness, resulting from the use of the most excellent materials, guarantees an item of the highest quality and an aesthetic that can be treasured forever.